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True happiness is impossible without true health.
True health is impossible without the rigid control
of the palate.

M. Gandhi



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Genuine Top-Quality Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer roots
exceeding with 7,8g/100g
the minimum Ginsenoside content of 1,5g/100g
as required for Panax by the DAB  (Deutsches Apotheker Buch) by five times.

(Laboratory Diagnostics > Hygiene Institute Potsdam)

The  Elixier  of  the  Gods is Number One against Aging !!!
The root of "immortality" as the Asians say.
Gets body, spirit and soul in harmony,
rejuvinates the body, regulates the intestines, blood pressure and

The secret to a long and healthy life.

   Charging the batteries with


               GINSENG ROOTS



Roots 6 years matured

                                                                    TJIEN QUALITY

ROOTS weighing approx. 35 - 55 grams
3,50 Euro per gramm
including manual with useful hints
and recepies for the precious Ginseng Cuisine

1 box contains 19 roots (approx. 578 grams)
1 year's supply for the family and for close friends

Power Food!
1 root cut-up in slices provide for
1 month treat for two people!


The strength of Ginseng lies in its ability
to develop physical
power and endurance
and at the same time it inspires
the Ginseng-eater's performance of memory and the available intellect.

Albert Einstein, 1933)